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June 22nd, 2006

08:11 pm: a quickie
Just to let you know I didn't do any of my don'ts last night. Go Me!!!!!

June 10th, 2006

09:43 am: boys are weird + I wanna be trailer trash
Yes they are.... I now remember just WHY I don't do this dating thingummy...

Ok on to other stuff... Right then. The Organic farm was just faB. I fell in love with it. The sheep are cute and also very tasty (sorry veggies but they are). I have found out you can get a train to the next village directly from Leeds. It takes about 1hr and a half. I have put my name down for a static caravan there. I'm not good with camping but happy to become trailer trash for the weekends. So anyway I spent that day pottering about on the sand and reading and eating the sheep. Just what I needed.

Next weekend we are having another garden collective BBQ. This one will be uber chill - I am not making punch - and will finish at 11pm. We have a kids party in the afternoon and there will be face painting and a bouncy castle. (The bouncy castle will be removed before the evening. We are selling vodka shots so Vodka + anarchists + bouncy castle = carnage) I hope it goes OK at lot of people are going away that weekend so it should be very quiet.

Comming soon.... more protesty stuff.

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March 17th, 2006

12:36 pm: Barking mad things that are happening - part 2
I was only going to do this once a month but it seems the world is too barking for that.

Thanks - monkeypooshoes for the heads up.

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill

This is currently going up before Parliament. It gives ministers the right to amend and/or pass news laws WITHOUT GOING THROUGH PARLIAMENT. This means they can do whatever the hell they like without any voting or recourse. This is clearly un-democratic and needs to be stopped NOW before we end in a worse state then we are in! Under this law the police could get new powers and we wouldn't have any say. New "crimes" can identified and although they can only carry a penalty of a maximum of 2 years, lets face it. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO SPEND 2 YEARS BANGED UP!!!! This has to be the most disgusting attempt at undermining what is left of our democracy. Didn't we go to war with Iraq cos Saddam and his cronies ran the country without the population having any say in their laws?? Oh yeah and nuclear weapons. (Faslane anyone) If this goes through the cabinet will have those powers and it is very, very scary.

Find out info about it NOW here


Want to tell your MP? You can find out who they are here.


I am off to see my MP tomorrow at 12.30.

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March 13th, 2006

09:02 am: Barking mad things that are happening
From now on I will be making the odd "Barking Mad things that are happening" posts and leaving them public.

MONKEYPOOSHOES posted this and then someone else brought it up in my reading group last night.

"Just discovered this. Upon returning from the Berlin Film Festival, the actors who portrayed the British men detained in Guantanamo were stopped by the police and questioned under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. Moreover, they were questioned about their roles in the film - the police asked questions such as 'Did you appear in the film to further the Muslim cause?' and 'Are you planning on making any more political films' - i.e., they were stopped and questioned BECAUSE they appeared in the film - not for some other reason." - Monkeypooshoes.

How fucking barking is this?????!!!! I feel the need to inform the security services/ Tony B of the following:

Dear Assorted Idiots,

I hate to be the one to burst your bubble but I feel the need to inform you of certain FACTS regarding ACTORS before you make any other stupid mistakes... ACTORS portray ROLES in films. The ACTORS in these FICTIONAL accounts are NOT really the CHARACTERS in the film. It is FICTION, that is, MADE UP like your "weapons of mass destruction" theories. To clarify further:

1. Daniel Radcliffe is not going to be able to perform spells for you, even if you ask him nicely.

2. Naveen Andrews is not really a member of the Iraqi guard... and does NOT have any information re terrorist activities. I suggest you you leave him the hell alone or the entire LOST fandom will pony up and kick your arse.

3. Elijah Wood is actually a human not a hobbit. He doesn't have magic jewelery that will enable you to complete your evil plan of total world domination. as for Sir Ian Mackellen... (see previous re Daniel Radcliffe)

4. Josh Hartnett and Ewan Mcgregor are not going to be any use in combat in Somalia or in fact anywhere in the world.

5. Will Smith probably punches like a girl and has never won a world boxing title... I doubt he can fly a fighter plane either...

get it?

'k thanx.

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March 8th, 2006

12:30 am: Gogol 2 - Drunken post.
Well ladies.... tonight the Gogol show reached Leeds -my home town.

I took batty T with me - she had a hell of a day, she is teacher in a very rough school. Her students are a nightmare and today they gave her hell. She had to lie down for a couple of hours before she came out.

When we got there she was knackered. The gig was at the Cockpit, a sort of smallish venue in town. The difference between this gig and Nottingham was that there was no barrier in front of the stage so the crowd were right up there and they were up for it.

It took a couple of songs to get going but after that it was fucking madness. Crowd surfers being chucked off the stage by Mr Hutz. He kept flinging the microphone off the stage into the crowd. Bonkers stuff.

I was back a bit and I was glad cos MOSH PIT!!! I will say that it was MUCH louder. My ears are trashed... The thing that really got me was batty T. She was standing behind me. All of a sudden halfway through "Underdog World Strike" I saw a woman who looked like her moshing like a good un, I turned round to tell her and then realised it WAS HER. Bless her, she had a great time.

Which leads me to my next bit. Batty T has decided that she wants to see them again so it looks like we may be going to Manchester.... will confirm later.

I need to go eat my kebab as it is dripping on my keyboard.

More stuff tomorrow oh and Pam stuff too. BTW no Elijah and I was glad but there was a poor short guy in a fedora who got loads of hassle.

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January 3rd, 2006

05:39 pm: last open post

I am now going "Friends only" if you want to be added, please comment.

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